Showcasing small business owners

When I started my first business in 2017 I did a lot of stumbling about in the dark. I’d gone from employee to my own boss with no idea what running a business involved. Along the way I met lots of smart people doing great things. One day a friend, who knew I was meant to be promoting one of my own offers, said: “I’ve been seeing your posts promoting others’ events… how about yours?!”

I love promoting others. I was a journalist for 15 years and one of the joys was shining a light on things happening in the community that others would benefit from knowing about. I enjoy cheering others on. And on my own journey as a business owner, I know that it can be a pretty lonely path. 

Coming up with products or services is down to you. 

Figuring out what to charge is down to you.

All the marketing is on you.

All the selling is on you.

And you need to know your numbers. 

Not to mention that you are delivering, or managing people delivering what you are selling to your customers. 

Running a small business can be very rewarding but it can also be very stressful and filled with self-doubt. 

I’ve been thinking about creating a website for small business owners for ages. My friend’s words stuck and I just decided to just do it. The result is Micro Business Inspiration. So many people create incredible programmes, host great shows, share knowledge, all while juggling lives outside business and I wanted a place to showcase that. 

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Hi, I'm Rachel

Rachel Extance

I’m a copywriter and blogging strategist, working with entrepreneurs who want to make a difference. My business is called The Story Cave.

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