ATOMICON promises game-changing sessions that will transform your business

Andrew and Pete on stage at Atomicon 2019

Andrew and Pete’s conference for small business owners ATOMICON is back! Headlining the event will be Dragon’s Den star Deborah Meaden, writer and digital marketing pioneer Ann Handley, and best-selling author Andrew Davis, a “Jaw-Dropping Marketing Speaker”.

It’s taking place in person at The Sage, Newcastle on Tuesday November 9. Virtual tickets are also available. 

I absolutely loved ATOMICON when it was first held in 2019. I went expecting to learn about marketing and got a masterclass in shifting your mindset as a business owner. This year, Andrew and Pete are promising, “game-changing sessions and a transformative, awe inducing, confidence boosting experience like no other”.

Encourage yourself to take action

One of the things I like about Atomicon is that it is very practical and you are encouraged to implement what you have learned about. It’s not a case of enjoying the day, heading home and getting sucked in to working in your business again.

Andrew and Pete say: “All the things that will have the biggest impact on your business are often the things we put off the most.

“This event is specifically designed to get you fired up and give you the courage and confidence to break through your barriers and unleash your success.

“You’ll leave ATOMICON with note pads full of actionable ideas you can implement the second you get to a computer.

“After the event we even have an implementation workshop to ensure you take action and make the most of the event.”

The event has multi-track sessions so you can choose the ones which appeal most to you to watch live and then catch up on the ones you’ve missed on replay. 

Topics include:

  • Email list growth 
  • Social media audience growth
  • Sales launch strategies
  • Scalable and recurring income streams
  • Increasing your confidence
  • Over-coming imposter syndrome
  • Growth mindset
  • Organisation and implementation

Tickets are on sale now. I am an affiliate for ATOMICON so if you buy a ticket using the link below I will earn commission.

I hope to see you there! Come and say hello!


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