Atomicon 21: How to stop procrastinating about going for your business goals

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I have a difficult relationship with setting business goals. I have them, of course I do, and I also know I’ve successfully completed many challenges I have set for myself. At the same time, there’s a lot of emphasis on goal setting in business and it can feel insurmountable at times. What are you going […]

Is there a better way to be authentic in your business?

Debbie Clarke on stage at MarketEd.Live. The slide on screen says, "How can I be authentic?"

A topic I get asked about a lot is authenticity. What does it mean? How much of yourself do you need to share? Everyone seems to be told to be ‘more authentic’. So when I saw Debbie Clarke was giving a talk on whether ‘authenticity is a wanky red herring’ at MarketEd.Live, I couldn’t wait […]