Outsourcing to create an instantly recognisable visual identity

Photo of Laura Robinson. Text reads: Inspiring Entrepreneurs Laura Robinson

Do you have a vision for something you would like to do in your business, but you need outside expertise to make it happen?

You might have struggled with trying to do it yourself for a while, or you might have come up with your idea and known immediately that the only way it’s going to make its way in the world is if you bring someone else on board. 

This was the dilemma Laura Robinson faced when it came to the visual look of her brand Worditude. As Laura says, it might seem odd to be interviewing a copywriter about graphic design but this conversation is all about how team work enables you to achieve more than you thought possible.


Working with a graphic designer has not only enabled Laura to create a recognisable visual brand but she has also developed courses which get rave reviews, partly because she is able to walk through concepts visually. 

We discuss:

  • How Laura came up with the visual look she wanted for her business
  • Handing over creation to someone else
  • How working with an external partner altered how Laura felt about sharing her brand
  • Tips for working creatively with someone else


Find out more about Laura at worditude.co.uk or follow her on Instagram and Facebook.


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